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Here you can search TAP’s extensive seed bank of native Oklahoma wildflowers, grasses, and trees.  The bank is under constant growth, so if you don’t see the species you want, check back later or contact us! If you would like plant plugs or seeds, please see the request form below!

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What if I want plugs of specific species?

If you would rather not go through the hassle of growing the plants from seed, don’t worry! TAP will gladly grow your requested plants for you. Just select the “Plant” checkbox in the request form.

I've submitted my request form. Now what do i do?

Once you have submitted your plant and seed request form, someone from the TAP staff will contact you to discuss processing specifics and strategies!

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Notes: S. umbalata is a fantastic vining plant for bumble bees and the seeds make a great snack for insects and birds too!

Notes: Like Eupatorium serotinum (Late Boneset), some asters like this one can look a bit "weedy" for much of the year. When they bloom in...


Historical Uses: The Cherokee tribe was reported to make a poultice from the roots for general pain.  The Cherokee and Iroquois tribes were reported to...


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