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Narrowleaf Mountainmint

Slender Mountainmint (Pycnanthemum tenuifolium) is almost certainly the most popular plant in our propagation gardens. This drought and water-tolerant wildflower can be used for teas or extract for desserts or cocktails if you’re into that sort of thing! We cannot recommend this plant enough. Go to the seedbank tab right now to see how you can get seeds or plant plugs!

Pawnee Nation Planting

Nearly 300 Oklahoma wildflowers including Swamp Milkweed (A. incarnata) for those wet areas, Foxglove Beardtongue (P. digitalis), Sawtooth Sunflower (H. grosseserratus), Buttonbush (C. occidentalis), Beebalm (M. fistulosa), and others were planted in TAP’s first large planting of the year! Across the street from the Pawnee Health Center and next to an actively used walking trail, this large field offers an excellent opportunity for restoration with high visibility. We look forward to returning to this site and getting more plants in the ground!

Rattlesnake Master (E. yuccifolium)

Three-year-old patch of Rattlesnake Master. Interested in this unique Oklahoma native? We have So many locally sourced seeds!

2021 TAP Hoop House and Stock

We have plenty of native Oklahoma wildflowers who need good homes, so become a member today and contact us at coordinator@tribalallianceforpollinators.com for more information about availability!

Cherokee Nation Seed and Plant Exchange Event

Seed Collecting in Northern Oklahoma

Seed Collecting

Collecting Asclepias viridis (Green Antelopehorn Milkweed) with our friends from the Creek Summer Youth Program

Iowa Nation Planting
Iowa Nation Planting

In April of 2020, Brandon Gibson and Collin Spriggs of the TAP planting squad donated and helped plant over 700 native wildflowers for the Iowa Nation’s Campus park

Iconic Oklahoma Early Bloomer

Indian Paint Brush at Euchee Butterfly Farm

First Transplants of 2020

Slender Mountainmint, Pycnanthemum tenufolium

Stratification Workshop

Collin Spriggs, TAP Program Manager, and David Correll, Chickasaw Nation Horticultural Specialist, lead hands-on workshop for breaking dormancy of Oklahoma wildflower seeds

Tropical Flight House

Completion of the indoor tropical butterfly flight house at the Euchee Butterfly Farm just in time for the February conference

Seed Cleaning Machine

Cleaning and processing native Oklahoma wildflower seeds with new Program Coordinator, Brandon Gibson, and new seed cleaning machine

In-the-Field Seed Collection Workshop

David Correll, Chickasaw Nation Horticulture specialist, and Collin Spriggs, TAP Program Manager, lead seed collecting workshop at the Euchee Butterfly Farm

Updated TAP Native Plant Seedbank!

Seeds from Ecoregions 251 and 255 sorted and filed alphabetically at the TAP seed bank located at the Euchee Butterfly Farm in this photo from July 2019

Euchee Butterfly Farm greenhouse

Muscogee Creek Nation Summer YouthWorks program workers Beau Whetstine and Bryce Whetstine grow native nectar plants at the Euchee Butterfly Farm greenhouse in July 2019.

Pollinator plot at the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge

TAP partnered with the Muscogee Creek Nation Conservation District to install a pollinator plot at the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge in June 2019 with the assistance of 4-H and Creek Nation youth.

Installing Pycnanthemum tenuifolium

Muscogee Creek youth assist with installing Pycnanthemum tenuifolium (Slender Mountain Mint) plant plugs and others as they work with TAP and the Muscogee Creek Nation Conservation District to install a pollinator plot at the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge in June 2019.

2019 TAP conference

During the June 2019 TAP conference, attendees tour the Quapaw Nation O-Gah-Pah greenhouse complex which provides produce and landscaping for the Downstream Casino

Tribal Environmental Action for Monarchs
Tribal Environmental Action for Monarchs

Bree Dunham, co-director of the Citizen Potawatomi Eagle Aviary, introduces Myanabe, a Golden Eagle from their facility, to attendees of the June 2019 TAP workshop at the Euchee Butterfly Farm. The Citizen Potawatomi Eagle Aviary was a founding member of the Tribal Environmental Action for Monarchs.

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