Asclepias incarnata, Swamp Milkweed

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Historical Uses:

The Chippewa tribe was reported to use an infusion of roots as a strengthening bath for children and adults. They were also reported to use the roots for strong twine.

The Iroquois tribe was reported to use a decoction of plants for kidney trouble and used as a wash for strictures


A. incarnata is one of our favorites for wet areas in any garden or restoration project. It attracts pollinators like bumble bees, sweat bees, butterflies, flies, wasps, and scoliid wasps. A. incaranata is also one of the best native milkweeds for monarch caterpillars.

  • Listing ID: 1094
  • Duration: Perennial
  • Soil Moisture: 1-5 (dry to wet): 3-5
  • Stratification: 30 days cold moist stratification required
  • Bloom Time: August-September
  • Family: Apocynaceae (Milkweed or Dogbane)
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial shade to full sun
  • Latin Name: Asclepias incarnata
  • Common Name: Swamp Milkweed, Rose Milkweed
  • Eco-Region: 251