Pluchea odorata, Sweet-Scented Camphorweed



The foliage of P. odorata, as the epithet denotes, is incredibly aromatic! The pleasantness of the smell is subjective, however. We have noticed mostly wasps visiting the flowers of P. odorata. They make numerous, fluffy seeds so they can be aggressive. We don’t manage them in our gardens, however, and haven’t had issues with them.

  • Listing ID: 3954
  • Soil Moisture: 1-5 (dry to wet): 3-4
  • Stratification: 30 days cold moist stratification required, light required for germination
  • Bloom Time: July-August
  • Duration: Annual
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial shade to full sun
  • Family: Asteraceae (Aster)
  • Latin Name: Pluchea odorata
  • Common Name: Sweet-Scented Camphorweed
  • Eco-Region: 251