Neptunia luetea, Yellow Puff



A low-growing, non-climbing vine-like growth structure, N. lutea is great as a sun-loving ground cover! Due to their structure, N. lutea is mostly attractive to bees. N. lutea is an excellent addition to gardens or restoration efforts.


  • Listing ID: 3897
  • Soil Moisture: 1-5 (dry to wet): 2-3
  • Stratification: TBD (60 cold moist stratification is a good start, being Fabaceae, they may need scarification)
  • Bloom Time: June-July
  • Duration: Perennial
  • Sunlight Exposure: Full sun
  • Family: Fabaceae (Bean)
  • Latin Name: Neptunia lutea
  • Common Name: Yellow Puff, Yellow Sensitive Briar
  • Eco-Region: 251