Narrowleaf Purple Coneflower



Historical Uses: The Dakota tribe were reported applied salves to tooth for tooth aches. The Kiowa tribe were reported chew on root as treatment for sore throat and cough. The Dakota, Omaha, Pawnee, Ponca, and Winnebago tribes were reported to apply concoction to burns. The Omaha were reported to use a poultice of smashed leaves applied to snakebites.

  • Listing ID: 1124
  • Seeds/gram: 430
  • Lot #: 136
  • Eco-Region: 255
  • Origin: Tishomingo Wildlife Refuge
  • Latin Name: Echinacea angustifolia
  • Soil Moisture: 1-5 (dry to wet): 1-2
  • Stratification: 90 days cold moist stratification required
  • Bloom Time: June-July
  • Duration: Perennial