Helenium amarum, Bitter Sneezeweed


Historical Uses:

The Koasati Nation was reported to use decoctions of this species of Helenium for sweat baths, swelling, and dropsy.


If left to go to seed, H. amarum readily spreads. It prefers dryer conditions and is often found in overgrazed pasture. Due to its structure, H. amarum is mostly of value to bees.


  • Listing ID: 1148
  • Duration: Annual
  • Soil Moisture: 1-5 (dry to wet): 1-3
  • Stratification: TBD (60 cold moist stratification is a good start)
  • Bloom Time: May-August
  • Family: Asteraceae (Aster)
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial shade to full sun
  • Latin Name: Helenium autumnale
  • Common Name: Bitter Sneezeweed
  • Eco-Region: 251